Final Theses

A typical graduation course consists of a project course in one semester and a final paper in the following semester. The final paper must then have a formal assignment approved by the department chair.

Bachelor’s thesis (cz) concludes the undergraduate studies and typically follows the Bachelor Project (cz). Please note that BIO Bachelor’s programme is not taught in English, but Czech only.

Diploma thesis concludes the master’s studies and typically follows the Diploma Project.

If the student fulfils all the requirements (both the thesis and the studies) and receives credit for both the project course and the thesis, they may apply for the Final State Examination, where they must defend their thesis and pass the professional part. Upon successful defence and examination, they will successfully complete the studies.

We recommend that you directly contact the potential supervisor in the student’s area of interest to discuss the process. Supervisors may also assign new topics when appropriate. You have a great deal of choice in the topic, however, we require that the topic is relevant to the focus of our program. If you are in doubt, please contact the guarantors.

Where to find inspiration for choosing thesis topics:

How to write a thesis?

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