What languages shall we program in?
You will start to learn programming in Python, in the folowing semester C/C++ is added. In senior years you will also come into touch with Matlab language and others.

Do I have to know programming before starting the studies?
No, you don’t but if you already know some, it will be easier for you. Programming courses start from absolute basics. Beginners may also enroll in Summer programming bootcamps (cz).

Will I have to learn anatomy and latin terms like on medicinal studies?
Yes, but in much smaller range than on medicinal studies.

Why study BIO and not another similarly targeted school?
FEE CTU is regularly on top of various leaderboards (cz). CTU is the best-rated technical university in Czechia even in global leaderboards. We also believe that our programme offers a uniquely balanced combination of education in areas of mathematics, physics, electronics, informatics, biology and medicine which provides the students with a broad and deep level of education whether they will choose a career in research, development, industry, medical facilities or even outside the biomedical area in the future.

What are the time demands of the studies?
The time demand corresponds to a full-time job for most of the students, we therefore do not suggest to plan an employment next to the studies, especially in junior years. If you study well, you may obtain a merit scholarship. If you find out later that you are good in studies and have extra time to spare, we suggest finding a job that will enrich you also profesionally, you may e.g. work as a science support in a research team at the Faculty.

What are the entrance exams topics?
The Bachelor’s programme entrance exams comprise mathematics, there are howevers several possibilities for waiver.
The Master’s programme entrance exams verify knowledge of mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and informatics in the range of respective compulsory courses of the Bachelor’s phase. There is a possibility of waiver (cz) for students of related fields (these are basically all technical and biomedical ones) if their weighted study average has been been better than 1.8 (we do not require this in the times of COVID).