Second round of the admission procedure

It is possible to apply for both bachelor and master programs until mid August 2022. (The official information is at the moment only in Czech, feel free to contact us if you are interested.)

Obtaining Biomedical engineer qualification

Applicants for AKK BMT and BMI may see this year’s requirements here: (applications accepted until 31.12.2020). Further courses will open after registration of minimal number of applicants (12).

BIO students as a part of EPIPREC

Students of Medical Electronics and Bioinformatics FEE CTU partake on reasearch of epilepsy treatment at Physiological Institute 2nd Faculty of Medicine CU and Czech Academy of Sciences. More than 80 thousand poeple suffer from epilepsy in Czechia and CTU FEE is a part of interdisciplinary project EPIREC – Epilepsy Research Centre Prague. We provide processing […]

Summer School 2019 (biosignals in Neurology)

Analysis of scalp and intracranial EEG (20.8.2019) Lecture9:00-10:30 (A4-405)  – New trends in epilepsy surgery (Radek Janca, Ph.D.)  Practical course10:45-12:15 (A4-405) – Auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials in MATLAB (Radek Janca, Ph.D.) EEG data (download) Manuals – basic (PDF, m-file): step by step  Manual – regular (PDF): use your MATLAB skills


On 19th May with the presence of CTU FEE dean Mgr. Petr Páta, 2nd Faculty of Medicie dean prof. MUDr. Vladimía Komárek and Humusoft representative Ing. Martina Mudrová, Ph.D a online evaluation of results of Biosignal Challenge 2020 took place. The competition was founded at CTU FFE in cooperation with Institute of Physiology CAS and […]