Epilepsy is a group of brain diseases causing a permanent regular presence of epileptic seizures that are cause by and excessively synchronized electrical activity of nerve cells. Seizures may vary – from simple sight perceptions to emotions to unconsciousness with respiratory arrest and whole-body cramps.

There are more than 65 mil. people in the world with epilepsy right now and for many of them this disease influences practically all areas of their lives. Except for the seizures themselves they have to face to undesirable effects of medicaments, attention and memory disorders, inability to drive a car and more hardships such as prejudice and misunderstanding of others.

We beleive the last mentioned matters concerning even patients in our direct surroundings may be “treated” by systematic education of the public. This is the goal and basic idea behind Purple Day, reminded on 26th March – to bring attention to problems related to epilepsy, discuss them and through their recognition and understanding change the attitude towards people suffering from epilepsy.

We hope to build such an atmosphere with you during this year’s Purple Day celebrations patroned by 2nd Faculty of Medicine CU and that you will go home enriched with more than one beautiful music experience.


  • Foreword – prof. MUDr. Vladimír Komárek, CSc.
  • With epilepsy from the past over presence to the future – prof. MUDr. Pavel Kršek, Ph.D.
  • Jazzevec – musical block
  • Break – refreshments
  • Jazzevec – musical block

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