Why study BIO?

Medicine, Informatics, Electronics.
A mixture that allows you to save lives!

Don’t have to be a doctor to work in the medical industry.

Combine knowledge of biology, computer science and electronics and use it in a perspective field!

What do i learn?

Mix medicine with electrical engineering and push the limits!

Write an app and identify the disease earlier than the doctor

Augmented reality in the operating room is reality

Get the prostheses moving and design medical equipment

Look for “programming bugs” in the DNA code

We offer a unique study program combining knowledge of electrical engineering, computer science, biology and medicine. We apply modern technology where it is most needed – to improve the quality of life and health of people

main benefits

5 reasons why study BIO

  1. Biomedical engineering is a promising field. Nowdays the use of electronics is common in both disease diagnosis and treatment. And this field will continue to develop in the future.
  2. There is and there will continue to be a great demand on the labor market for both medical and bioinformatics experts.
  3. We will teach you to understand doctors, search for resources, use modern technology for your benefit and how to devise a technical solution and put it into reality. In a few words: We’ll teach you to solve problems.
  4. We support each student’s individuality as well as teamwork. Also it’s not just about hard knowledge, we also work on your soft skills.
  5. We work closely with leading medical institutions, research and technology teams. Our goal is to allow you to get some experience from the field.

Graduates of the Medical electronics and bioinformatics study program are able to solve engineering problems related to design and development of modern electronic devices and software applications in medicine and biology. The alumni can be employed in research or development teams, hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as in management. They also have good bases for scientific work and may continue in PhD study programs in Czech Republic as well as abroad.

  • We use modern technology to improve the health and quality of life of people.
  • We combine knowledge from electrotechnics and informatics with biology and medicine.
  • There are only a few experts in the Czech Republic in this domain and we expect the demand to increase.
  • High flexibility allows students to tailor the studies according to their own interests. There are four recommended specializations.
  • We collaborate with top research and clinical facilities in Prague, including hospitals (Motol, Na Homolce, IKEM) as well as with well known companies (MedTronic, Philips, Siemens). Students can get practical experience through projects.

only in czech

The program is currently opened only in Czech, although some classes can be given in English, if non-Czech speakers are present. That is why the information available in English is currently limited. The whole program might be open in English (for a fee) given sufficient demand – please let us know if you are interested.

The translation of the study plans to English are available for both the bachelor and master programs, you can also have a look at the state exam topics for the master program.

our partners

We cooperate with research institutions, healthcare facilities and commercial companies. During studies, students have the opportunity to gain the necessary experience, engage in interesting projects or go abroad.